3 Things to Bring to Your Free Consultation

3 Things to Bring to Your Consultation

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Thank you for choosing The Sawaya Law Firm. We are ready to review your case and our staff is prepared to listen, advise and help. Here are three things to bring to your free consultation:

1. Insurance Declaration Page

Your Declaration page may look something like this:


  • An insurance declaration page is a piece of paper which provides basic information about an insurance policy, i.e. what you are covered for. Types of coverage extensions may include – Uninsured Motorist, Underinsured Motorist, Bodily Injury, Med Pay, etc. Typically, the first page of an insurance policy is a declaration page, and people can also receive a copy as a standalone item. The declaration page is not the same thing as the proof of insurance which people may be required to carry with a vehicle or present when they want to make a claim on a health insurance policy. The proof of insurance carries some of the details of the declaration page, but it is less detailed. If you don’t have access to your policy information you can normally call your agent and have them fax it to us at 720-235-4377 or go online to your insurance company website and email us at Intake@sawayalaw.com or print it and bring it to the free consultation.More info on declaration pages -> Click here

2. Evidence – From The Scene

  • Name, address and phone numbers of people involved or witnesses to the accident. If you have additional information about the other driver such as : Driver’s license number, vehicle plate number and Insurance, please bring that as well.
  • Employment information if driver involved was driving for their employer at the time of the accident.
  • Pictures. These typically say a thousand words. If you have them on a computer or phone, you can email them to us at Intake@sawayalaw.com.
  • Any statements or images from witnesses.

3. Evidence – Of Damages

  • Records of car repairs and car rentals.
  • ALL medical records or bills from the Health Care Providers you have seen since the accident. This could include Ambulance, Emergency Room, Urgent Care, X-rays your Primary care follow up etc.

The more documentation and information you bring with you, the better initial assessment we can make of your case, and the more likely you will obtain a satisfactory resolution of your claim. Thank you again for choosing The Sawaya Law Firm and we look forward to getting you back on the road.

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