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Legal Articles from the Sawaya Law Firm

Study shows danger drug- and alcohol-impaired driving poses in Colorado
Drug- and alcohol-impaired driving has become a growing source of concern in Denver in the wake of marijuana legalization. Already, drunk driving accidents cause over one-third of Colorado traffic deaths in an average year, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Read more.

How the Supreme Court Has Limited The Rights Of Victims Of Dangerous Drugs
A 22-year-old woman took what her family believed was a routine prescription pain medication. The drug, a generic form of Darvocet, was supposed to help relieve pain before the woman had knee surgery. Instead, it killed her. Read more.

Driving Safely In The Snow
Many Colorado outdoors enthusiasts love a fresh coat of powdery snow for their activities. For drivers who must be on the roads in bad weather, however, snow can be nothing but a headache. You can reduce the chances of being in an accident by following some safe driving practices. Read more.

Can Brain Injuries Be Better Prevented In Youth Football?
Youth football programs in Colorado and across the national are instituting changes to reduce concussions in practices and games, but are those efforts enough to prevent brain injuries in children? Read more.

Car Accidents A Leading Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injuries
For people younger than 75, car accidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. Read More.

Will Google’s Driverless Car Better Avoid Car Accidents?
Google’s robot car may prevent car accidents in the future, but will it complicate personal injury cases? Read More.

Liver Damage Linked to Over-the-Counter Tylenol Use
When a man took Tylenol per the directions on the bottle to soothe the aches and pains of a common cold, he never imagined that the over-the-counter medication would nearly kill him. Read More.

12 Values
12 Values – Our firm is built on a set of core values. We live by 12 values that have shaped our success, and the success of our clients. Our reputation depends upon it. Our clients can see the difference these values make, and they can see the results. Read More.

Michael Sawaya extends a message about safe driving
The Sawaya Law Firm, a Colorado personal injury law firm celebrating its 34th year in business in Denver, is offering holiday revelers who have had too much to drink a free ride home through January 1st 2011. Read More.

Lowe’s Drywall Settlement Under Scrutiny
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received over 3,500 complaints from individuals in 38 states relating to defective drywall. Though a majority of these complaints come from Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the problem has the potential to affect consumers nationwide. Read More.

Colorado’s DUI death rate decline attributed to interlock devices
Drunk drivers take the lives of innocent Americans every year. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, approximately 10,076 lives were lost and 290,000 people sought medical attention for injuries obtained in DUI car accidents nationwide in 2013. Read More.

Motorcycle Safety Tips
The Governors Highway Safety Administration reports that there were over 4,700 motorcycle accident fatalities in 2009, noting the first time in 12 years that the number of fatalities has declined. In Colorado, the number of deaths decreased as well, down over 10 percent from the 2008 high of 98. Read More.

How teen passengers are linked to fatal car accidents in Colorado
Research has shown that teenage drivers transporting passengers younger than 21 are at an increased risk of a fatal car accident. Read more.

Is it safe to share the road with teen drivers?
Newly licensed teens in Colorado must abide by specific restrictions until they reach the age of 18. These restrictions are designed to improve safety.

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