Phil Tompkins

Sawaya Value Award April FAITH Winner Phil Tompkins

Phil Tompkins is the Sawaya Values Award winner, for the value of Faith assigned to April 2012.

Phil Tompkins is the Sawaya Values Awards winner for the value of faith assigned to the month of April. Phil is a retired communications professor from the University of Colorado. Phil exemplifies faith through serving people by giving back to the community and those in need. After retiring Phil has made a point of being a servant of the people. As described by many, Phil will do whatever is asked of him. Through volunteering Phil helped people by organizing and moving storage, checking the mail of others, and cleaning up showers after 250 men have used them the prior day.

Phil must be recognized for his book, Who is My Neighbor, which is based off of his experiences volunteering at the St. Francis Center, a homeless shelter in Denver, Colorado. Phil brings up the notion that homeless are regarded as the “castoffs” yet in reference to the parable Jesus of the Good Samaritan and this idea that we are all God’s children. He provides a voice for homeless people but he also discusses their hopes and fears of regaining a home. Phil preaches that effective communication and organization will eventually lead to the decline of homelessness. Phil hopes that a proactive local government will be a key factor in addressing this problem. Phil has spoken on behalf of the book at several universities including University of Colorado, Denver and Loyola Marymount. Who is My Neighbor has been used in colleges and universities across the states. We greatly appreciate Phil Tompkins for being a “man of faith [and] introducing many students to the humanity of their brothers and sisters who happen to be the homeless”.